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Naan Pesa Ninaipathellam | Full Tamil Movie | 1993 | Anand Babu | Mohini | Vikraman

Published on 12 Mar 2021 / In Entertainment

Naan Pesa Ninaipathellam is a 1993 Tamil language drama film directed by Vikraman. The film features Anand Babu and Mohini in lead roles. The film had musical score by Sirpy.

Viswanath (Anand Babu) has only a cousin as family and he dropped out the school to pay his cousin Kaveri's school fees. Viswanath worked hard and begun to sing in the street.

Few years later, he becomes a singer in a band and organized some stage performance with his friend Govind (Vivek). Govind appoints a singer called Sandhya. Unknowingly, Govind and Viswanath pick up a woman called Sandhya (Mohini). She said that she isn't a singer, she doesn't have family and comes to find a job in the city. Sandhya helps them to settle their rent money.

Kaveri becomes a famous newscaster, she challenges Viswanath to become rich and she can accept for the marriage.

Viswanath has the opportunity to show his whole talent in a marriage reception. He settles Sandhya's due money and she leaves his house. At the marriage reception, Viswanath sees Kaveri in the engaged dress and Viswanath is ridiculed by Kaveri.

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